October 22, 2014

shut up , stop complaining .

I resisted the urge to scream and cry about my weight gain  couple days ago (?)
I weigh myself once a week ( to be exact : sunday , wake up-went to toilet , before performing my subuh prayer )
I eat some fast food on Saturday because the urge to get them on my mouth since 3/4 months I didn't get any of them .
and *toop* suddenly I gain 1.4 kgs more than the week before . 
oh gosh . I've been eating healthy for some couple of month then I felt like it gain nothing good for me .
I eat healthy then how come the result still the same .

I've been exercising and eating health but nothing feels different .
I still feel my tummy bloating , my thigh "swollen" , my arm as big as kayu balak .

I'm too stress with this matter .

because ,
I am fat 
I got the urge to cut down my weigh ,
I want to be healthy and strong inside and outside .
I am too stressed out with my current problem ,
ans I think I need recovery ,
and the only recovery is ,
I need weight loss 

I hate when people calling me fat
when you are eating the only meal you got for the whole day at 7pm and people say
" you are fat you need to stop eating " 
seriously WTF are you thinking I need to stop eating when that is actually the only meal you got to eat for the whole day .

you need to do this ,
you need to do that ,
you cannot do this ,
you cannot do that ,
it hurts me when people calling me fat
they don't even know what I did behind every fu*king single day .

I still got 10kg more to achieve my goal . 
thats a lot , I know , " stop complaining , start supporting " 
that's all


062014 - 102014

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