July 13, 2010

it starts with a smile

Love doesn't start in morning and doesn't ends in evening.

It starts when we don't need it and ends when we need it the most.

A poem for you

( Light Up The Sky )

from the day I need you

from the way I find you

from the moment we met two

for the time we spent trough

I'd falling away with you

today you'd gone far away

a distance from me

I still remember-ing my yesterday

the way you smile

just for me

the way you talk

just with me

please just stay with me

I want you to be my only soldier to my heart

and we were never ever break apart

I remember yesterday

the way you said my name

and now I feels like I still can hear it

the time we had spent trough

the way that I miss you

Ich Libe Dich…

Sorry if the poem was soooo teribble

I just made it by myself when I want to post something in this blog

Such a fool rite?

LOL myself!

This poem represent myself and my feeling right now. =’(


ezati said...

wuts wrong?? uhuk..

Farah Zoey said...

takdo papo
saje duk mengjiwangkan diri

ezati said...

ecece..lame dop tgk farah jiwang..

Farah Zoey said...

biase lah
skali skale jiwang2
ngeh3 XD