September 21, 2009


thanks dear for being a good friend to me

thanks for being such a gentleman

i love you more than what I'd realized

thanks for the call dear,

farah ingat nak luah apa yang farah risaukan masa tu,

tapi tersekat pulak. gembira sangat dapat dengar suara awak ye.

thanks for everything

thanks for being my only one

thanks for landing your shoulder to me

thanks for all your concern

thanks for being with me always (i'll be with you always) - your words

thanks for always make me happy

thanks for all what you've done to me

thanks for all the memories (:


i want you to know something,

I Hate Myself More Than Anyone Else Who Hate Me

suara Mr. Pretty handsome lah. hehehehe :D

suara budak adorable nih tak comel pon okay! :P

If you stay then I won't go
If you go, I'll always be there
I don't care


1- Avenged Sevenfold - Dear God

2- Plain White T's - 1,2,3,4

3- Bon Jovi - Always

4- Sum41 - Always

5- and many more :)

i love you dear :)

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